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Standish is in Greater Manchester  in the Borough of Wigan  and plays home to the Standish escorts who serve the area with pride. This is a proud region that has suffered a little economic downturn, but has rebuilt itself economically being a satellite town to Wigan which in itself is directly link to Manchester with the prosperity and wealth reaching out.

Today Standish is thriving and is near to the M6 and M61 motorway networks the gives Standish rapid links to Manchester and Cheshire in the south and Lancashire to the North. As this is a commuter town and a place where travellers and businessmen frequently stop over. The need for pretty young escorts in  Standish has never been so important. In fact now that the notoriety of Standish escorts has spread many gents make sure that they stay close to the town. A lot of travellers now have a favourite Standish escort they come to visit whist in the area.

The women of the area are so pretty and delight in the idea of entertaining and looking after the needs of the men who live or work in the area. Our local escorts in Standish know the area intimately well and what it has to offer in the way of entertainment  and have no qualms in accompanying a gentleman to Manchester for the evening to show him a good time in the bright lights of the North’s  premier city which is fairly close by. If however you just need to relax after a long hard day then most of our ladies are trained masseuses and would love to pamper you easing away all the tensions of a day on the road or at a meeting.  Our Standish escorts are good conversationalists as well as empathetic listeners  if you want to relax by way of unburdening your troubles as it is not always easy to have a sympathetic ear when away from family and friends.

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