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Not only does Burnley have a premier league football team, they are also premier for their escorts Burnley. The economy of this former mill town and industrial giant is coming to the fore again. Our superlative Burnley escorts have always been very popular and the standard of our ladies top notch. With the emerging economy of the area and the increase in the number of visitors, both business and tourist our escorts in Bury are flourishing.

As with most of the Lancashire towns Burnley had a thriving textiles industry, firstly using wool as the basis, but then cotton took over during the Industrial revolution. Steam engines helped rejuvenate the cotton mills after the 1830 as there was a partial collapse in the industry during the years preceding those.  The canal and rail network served the town and outlying district bringing in the raw materials and taking out the finished article.

Now Burnley is a premier town in the county of Lancashire with the new motorway infrastructure serving the town well. The motorway network allows businesses to expand and new ones grow up. It also gives the Burnley escort more freedom of movement enabling them to take their professional services to the outlying towns that are now gaining prosperity. Businessmen away from home for a few day and other workers fulfilling contract in the area are often in the need of some feminine company of the highest quality and our Burnley escort are perfect for that job.

We do not rest on our laurels at the Burnley escorts agency and we are always looking for and interviewing attractive ladies of quality and distinction as the men of Burnley as well as the gents visiting the area deserve the best. Our exclusive Burnley escorts are high on etiquette having good breeding and polite manners. You will be proud to take our Burnley escorts anywhere. There are great companions to furnish you with the relaxation and recreation you deserve whilst in the area.

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