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Long before the town was famous for its Leigh escorts and the Leigh escort agency these delightful professional companions work for.  Leigh these days is ostensibly a market town and a commuter town next to Wigan with office workers travelling to places like Manchester. A lot of the men folk   take the opportunity to stop off to visit a Leigh incall escort on their way from work after another exhausting rail journey or car journey from the city of Manchester or where else they may work.

Although Leigh escorts have a tradition in the area a settlement where the town is now dates back to the stone age. There was a lot of activity in the town during the English civil war with both the Cavaliers and Roundheads occupying different parts of the area culminating in a victory for the Parliamentarians. With so many soldiers in and around the town the latter day equivalent of the Leigh escorts were comforting the men folk in their hours of need. Similarly before we established our wildly successful Leigh escort Agency there would be a need for female companions during the industrial revolution when men worked hard and when they had the energy and money played even harder. Coal mining and other heavy industries were hard work so the latter day escorts in Leigh would have been a light relief and good recreation.

Leigh is a very sport orientated town having a rugby league team as well as a modern sports village accommodating the local Harriers, Rugby club and other facilities. Some of the sporting  amenities such as gyms help our already fit and supple Leigh escorts keep themselves in tip top condition. They like to keep themselves in perfect condition with high energy levels so they can keep up with some of their more active clients. Leigh escorts are some of the prettiest and most sociable escorts in the region.

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