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Wilmslow Cheshire is a rich prosperous town to the south of Manchester and is very much a commuter town for the more affluent who work or do business in Manchester and is home to numerous actors, television celebrities and footballers and some high class Wilmslow escorts. The town forms part of what is known as the golden triangle with Alderley edge and Prestbury as  wealthy mill owners, cotton traders, bankers and others of the professional classes were attracted to the area by the railway companies offering incentive for these wealthy individuals to relocate to the green and healthy pastures of Cheshire.

This area has never looked back since and the formation of a thriving Wilmslow escorts agency was inevitable. The business has been built up with integrity and discretion at the heart of it  All of our dazzling and stunning Wilmslow escorts are upwardly mobile with access to fast roads and a top class rail network that can take them direct to London or across to Chester the County town. Due to the nature and affluence of the area the ladies of Wilmslow escorts have to be top notch and have breeding and social skill second to none. In terms of class and sophistication a Wilmslow escort needs to be of the quality expected in areas such as Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea.  In fact some of our delectable escorts in Wilmslow can be expected to accompany distinguished gents on trips to the capital or even weekends away in some of the European capitals.

Some of the most prestigious hotels in the area are in Wilmslow and immediate vicinity as not only do they serve this prosperous area it is one of the nearest towns to the ever expending Manchester airport. Our Wilmslow escorts are experts in stress relief and massage being able to revitalise weary travellers who have either entered the area through the airport or rail networks. Wilmslow escorts are here to serve and our highly sought after Wilmslow escorts know how to deliver a platinum service second to none. To reiterate the affluence of the area the local Aston martin in recent years sold more Aston Martins than any other dealership in the United Kingdom.

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