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Atherton escorts serve this rural town which is in Wigan Borough of Greater Manchester. It is a thriving community with a number of small enterprises giving full employment to some of the inhabitants. Others work in Bolton, Wigan or Manchester or use the motorway network to work in various other locations.  there is also a railway station serving the town. All of the escorts in Atherton that are represented by the  Atherton escort agency are highly mobile individuals and cater for the needs of locals and visitors alike.

The economy of the town has evolved throughout its history, but it was certainly a hive of activity throughout the Victorian era and the industrial revolution coal mining nail manufacturing and other industries associated with cotton and textiles, Now it is a much more genteel place to live and work with the Atherton escorts also enjoying their particular lifestyles. The escorts in Atherton absolutely love meeting new people and socialising. Visiting quaint country pubs in the leisure time is also popular. However, an Atherton escort is always working as these visits to local pubs, restaurants and leisure and shopping facilities such as Middlebriook helps them update their local knowledge so as to be best able to advise clients as to what is available in the area.  Atherton has some good individual retail outlets, but for the real shopping for clothes Middlebrook, Wigan or Manchester is the place for Atherton escorts to go so they can keep up with the latest fashions and trends.

All the sexy escorts at the Atherton escorts agency make sure that they look their best at all time and have fully stocked wardrobes for every eventuality and type of assignment they may have. There is no finer sight than an Atherton escort done up in all her finery. Escorts in Atherton are noted for their fabulous appearance and attention to detail, being meticulously made up and groomed to perfection.

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