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Bramhall is a rich prosperous area near Stockport and on the southern periphery of Great Manchester. It until the boundary changes in the nineteen seventies was in wealthy rural Cheshire. In the times of the industrial revolution a lot of the factory owners and managers lived in the wide streets and leafy suburbs of Bramhall. The village dates back to Anglo Saxon times, but after the Norman conquest the area of north Cheshire was carved up into two huge estates one being the manor of Bramale given to Hamon de Massey.

In more recent times the affluence of the area has grown and Bramall village is home to solicitors, estate agents, business owners, Barristers and stock brokers all with their own recreational needs. They often require the company of one of the high class companions from the Bramall escorts agency   who serve the area with such professionalism. Many of the professional gentlemen have needs to entertain highly valued clients and arrange gentlemen’s dinners where there is a need for high quality female companionship for after the business has been concluded.  Although Bramhall is only a large village there are many large well appointed hotels and our Bramhall escorts often attend functions in Manchester where many of the residents of Bramall work and sometimes let off steam a discrete distance away from where they live. All out top class Bramhall escorts understand the need for confidentiality and what happens at an escort Bramhall venue stays at the Bramhall escort venue.

Our highly trained Bramhall escorts know the meaning of etiquette and have various social skills. Not all of our Bramhall escorts entertain gentlemen for their clients as described before. Modern living takes its toll especially for men working away from home or spending a few days away on business. The Bramhall escort agency tries to make a stay away from home more pleasurable and easier to bare. Contact our office and we will tell you how we can make your stay in the area more relaxing and pleasurable by recommending the perfect Bramhall escort for you.

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