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Astley escorts was established in this quiet part of the rural north west. A fantastic location allowing access to all parts of the region situated on the East Lancs main arterial rout with easy access to both Greater Manchester and Merseyside as well as the nearby M6. Strange location you might thing to have the prestigious Astley escorts based. Well our gorgeous Astley escorts do not think so, as a base it gives them access to an extensive client base in two major conurbations, that of Greater Manchester and of Merseyside.

These more rural based escorts although having city clientele nearby also get the local business. Lots of companies not actually located in a city centre have events in hotels on main arterial routes within striking distance of Astley escorts. After the main business of the day a few pretty faces from Astley escorts is very welcoming for drinks dinner and after dinner relaxation. You need a certain class of elite companion to mingle in such social circle and our ladies have just that pedigree. Many of the escorts in Astley spend at least part of their weekend as weddings, social functions, even the odd garden party or two.

There is  a great wealth in areas like this that were built on the industrial revolution, even though those industries have died much of the wealth still remains and has been reinvested in emerging industries. From the bustling Victorian days where railways and canals carried cotton, iron ore and coal. to now where there is an easier pace of life all together with the escorts of Astley offering much rest and relaxation. There is a wealth of spa hotels and country hotels where out companions are only too willing to  show their clients that they has massage skills to help complete their relaxation. Yes escorting is not the preserve of city centres.

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