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04 Aug , 2017

Escorts in Oldham look after a diverse area as Oldham its self is a cosmopolitan working class town, but the borough has the wealthy commuter belt of Saddleworth within its environs with the large villages of Greenfield and Uppermill having affluence and prosperity as well as a number of prestigious hotels that visiting tourists and executives visiting the area tend to frequent.

Historically during the Victorian times and the industrial revolution Oldham was the the World centre for cotton spinning. It had the dubious distinction of having the perfect damp climate to make the raw cotton more pliable and manageable. With all the textile mills and factories the engineering sector grew up to support this and of course with the existence of coal mines in the area this aided the overall economy of the area.  With all this light industry came the need for fresh labour from the Commonwealth, hence the cosmopolitan makeup of the working class areas of the town.

The Oldham escort scene is certainly seeing an expansion with many new hotels establishing in the area to support the new businesses and commerce in the immediate vicinity, Oldham is conveniently placed on the Manchester outer ring road and is  close to the M62 which links Hull and Liverpool, making Oldham a handy stop off point for representatives of major companies. Oldham is taking on a new role as a commuter town for Manchester. Because of the new prosperity in the area and the social and leisure activities available our Oldham’s escort are busy catering for demand. Obviously it helps that we have some of the prettiest young companions  around as Oldham escorts. The more popular the Oldham escort agency get then the better quality high class Oldham escorts we can attract to help service this economically vibrant town and surrounding area.

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