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A Day Out In Warrington – Top 4 Things To Do

08 Oct , 2017

The bustling town of Warrington in Cheshire has many amazing sites to explore that are certainly entertaining by nature. Have a look at the list of activities compiled by us & plan your day out in Warrington accordingly.

Warrington’s Golden Square: The Golden Square shopping center in Warrington is perfect place to check out if you love a little shopping or dine out. It features a great number of popular shops including renowned brands such as Marks, Debenhams and Spencers. Furthermore, it features many boutiques selling everything from stationary to clothing.

Warrington Market: Placed right in the middle of the town, Warrington Market feature more than 200 stall that offer great shopping opportunity. Here you can find almost everything you can imagine including fresh produce, clothing, and handcrafted gifts among others. If you’re after an authentic market town feel, then be here at Warrington Market.

Warrington Market

Warringon Wolves: When you are in Warrington, why not enjoy bit rugby? The Warrington Wolves are the local rugby organization & have a maim team besides youth ones. They’ve several fixtures all through the year, so buy a ticket if you are a rugby enthusiast.

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery: If you’re looking to explore a bit culture in Warrington then the Warrington Museum & Art Gallery is the place where you should be at. It features more than 200,000 objects & pieces of art beneath one roof, which will keep you active & interested all day.

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

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