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4 Things Girls Do That Make Men Jealous

28 Aug , 2017

It does not matter how secure a man is with himself or in his relationship, there’re things girls do that make a dude pretty much jealous. Let’s find out what a few things women do that make men jealous:

Flirting with other handsome guys: Nothing makes a man’s brain scream more than when he sees his girl talking or flirting with other guys.

Grinning at another man’s joke: If anything is funny, you cannot help but laugh. However, this can drive your man nuts, particularly if he takes his own sense of humor as a point of pride. Don’t be surprised if your typically good-natured clown is stamping his hooves and snorting, signaling he is ready to engage in a fight.

Going out to the bars for a “girls night.” We have no idea what happens on these, but the odds are you’re going to get approached by a guy at least once, and we want to fight that hypothetical probability.

Having a guy best friend: It doesn’t matter how ironclad the relationship is, or how “just friends” you are. We are always going to think about whether or not you two have ever had sex with each other.

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